Liveblog: Varsity girls’ lacrosse takes on Gunn

Chloe Fishman, Author

The Palo Alto High School varsity girls’ lacrosse team is playing Gunn High School on the Paly at tonight at 7p.m. on the Paly lacrosse field.


Junior Maya Benatar scores first goal of the game. Paly is up 1-0.

Junior Meredith Kinnamon blocks a shot from Gunn, but Gunn is quick to regain possession.

Junior Maya Benatar scores again. Paly winning 2-0.

Gunn player #6 scores. Paly keeps the lead 2-1.

Senior Allie Peery bounces the ball into the goal. Paly leads 3-1.

Senior Paige Bara charges the goal and gets fowled. She makes the goal. Paly leads 5-1.

Gunn Titans score. Paly leads 4-2.

Gunn handles the ball by the goal, but Senior Paige Bara intercepts and runs with it.

Gunn player #5 fowled, and seeks help from trainer. She is able to walk off the field.

Gunn senior Caroline Chou shoots for the goal but is blocked by goalie Meredith Kinnamon.

The half ends with Paly leading Gunn 4-2.

2nd half starts with Gunn possession.

Gunn scores. Vikings keep their slim lead of 4-3.

Senior Paige Bara shoots and makes the goal, but the referee calls no point. She shoots and makes the 8-meter shot. Paly leads 5-3.

Senior Caroline Chou intercepts the ball and charges the field. She passes to Gunn player #9 who scores. Vikings lead 5-4.

Senior Lisa Rogge scores for Paly. Paly is up 6-4.

Senior Paige Bara scores for the third time. Paly leads 7-4.

Gunn player #11 misses an 8-meter shot. Score remains 7-4, Paly.

Senior Claire Chevallier scores bring the Vikings up 8-4.

Senior Caroline Chou makes an 8-meter shot, bringing the Gunn Titans up 8-5.

Maya Benatar scores with 11 seconds left. Vikings lead 9-5.

Paly beats Gunn. Final score, 9-5.