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  • Album Review: Logic impresses in “The Incredible True Story”

    Logic’s sophomore album “The Incredible True Story” displays the rapper’s lyrical creativity and seamless flow, all the while digging deep into his personal life.

    Logic's album cover for "The Incredible True Story". Photo by iTunes.
  • Review: Greek mythology comes to life with “The Odyssey”

    In “The Odyssey,” the Palo Alto High School Theater Department aims to bring the world of ancient Greece back to life and showcases the long journey of Odysseus on his return home from the Trojan War.

    Calypso  (junior Nadia Leinhos) holds Odysseus captive on her island, rendering him unable to return home to Ithaca. As Calypose, Leinhos does a wonderful job of portraying a lonely and desperate goddess with antics that drew a few laughs from the audience. Photo courtesy of Yi Ge.
  • Review: “Unfriended” falls short of excellence

    Simultaneously innovative and unengaging, “Unfriended” delivers an adequate performance that serves more as a tacky teenage movie with a message than as a blood-curdling thriller.

  • Review: “The Drowsy Chaperone” is anything but drowsy

    The Palo Alto High School Theater brings singing and laughter onto stage with a new musical comedy set in the 1920s.

    DSC_2285 (800x534)
  • Review: The Oscars 2015 Best Picture Nominees

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host its 87th Academy Awards ceremony at 5:30 p.m. tonight. The Paly Voice reviewed the nominations for Best Picture. Read up on each film before the event tonight.

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