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Voice’s top 10 Super Bowl commercials

Fans gather around XLIX roman numerals for the XLIX Super Bowl in Arizona. Photo: NBC.
Fans gather around XLIX roman numerals for the XLIX Super Bowl in Arizona. Photo by NBC.

Every year the Super Bowl draws a large audience across America, but not all viewers are passionate about football – some prefer the much-hyped glamour of the commercials over the sport.

According to Forbes, 50 percent of the Super Bowl audience watches it just for the ads, and this year was no exception to the trend. In light of this Superbowl-ad excitement, here are our top ten ad choices for the 2015 Super Bowl:

10. Doritos

This commercial featuring a hilarious pig and a determined boy flies into our tenth place. While we might not personally go to such extreme measures for chips as the boy did, we do appreciate the humor, and overall, we liked the ad.

9. X-Finity

This commercial made us smile after a ruff day.  We’re suckers for any commercial featuring a walking dog and this was not a letdown. We don’t know if we need X-finity; however, we do know that we need to introduce more dogs into the workforce.

8. T-Mobile

We sympathize with the poor folks who were not able to see Kim Kardashian’s stellar outfits due to their lack of data, and we therefore had to put this hilarious commercial in eighth place. It was a nice surprise to see Kardashian make fun of herself for a change.

7. McDonald’s

This ad brought smiles to our faces. We loved the message of happiness and giving and hope that McDonald’s continues with the campaign.

6. Dodge

During Dodge’s 100th birthday-themed commercial, we definitely took the elders’ lovely advice to heart. It was a beautifully made video and made us bigger fans of Dodge.

5. T-Mobile

This commercial included two of the funniest women on TV: Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler. Their extravagant portrayals of stereotypical celebrities had us falling off our not-so-fancy chairs.

4. Avocados from Mexico

This commercial made us want to avocaGO and eat some avocados. In the “first draft ever”  we definitely believe that Mexico had made the right choice in picking avocados, but we wish that the United States had picked them first.

3. Skittles

We were taken aback by the color of the Skittle fought over in this commercial, but we would have definitely fought over red Skittles the “usual way.”  We especially loved the baby’s enormous muscles.

2. Snickers

Just like Marsha in this Snickers ad, when we are hungry we feel hostile like Danny Trejo. We are not sure if the relationship between Tom Brady and Marsha Brady was intended but we love it anyways.

1. Nationwide

This commercial received a lot of hype, as Nationwide released a teaser for the advertisement weeks beforehand. As fans of Mindy Kaling, we were excited to see her in a funny and very Mindy Kaling-esque video. It deserved the top ranking due to its hilarity and wit.

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