Bryant Street Garage Fund to finance teen programs

Amy Leung, Emily Hwang, and Aisha Chabane

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The Bryant Street Garage Fund will hold an informational meeting for students interested in starting teen programs at 6 p.m. tomorrow Jan. 21 at the El Palo Alto Room in the Mitchell Park Library & Community Center.

Sponsored by the City of Palo Alto, the fund gives “mini grants” to student-run programs, according to Teen Program Specialist Jose Perez-Sanchez.

“We would like programs that involve high school students, whether if it’s working together to better the community or for a cause or doing something to benefit other teens in the community,” Perez-Sanchez said.

At the meeting, Perez-Sanchez will explain the process for developing a program and receiving funding. If a program is approved, it can receive up to $1,000 per fiscal year, Perez-Sanchez said.

According to Perez-Sanchez, there are many benefits for students who wish to start a program financed by the Bryant Street Garage Fund.

“They [students] will receive mentorship and support, gain leadership experience,” Perez-Sanchez said. “They’ll be able to plan and host events for their community, and it looks great on their resume.”

A student must be enrolled in a Palo Alto Unified School District high school to be eligible for funding, according to Perez-Sanchez. He says the BSG Fund sponsors two programs: ClickPA, a website that lists teen activities in Palo Alto, and Project Enybody, a teen leadership board striving for energy efficiency, according to their respective websites.

The BSG Fund money comes from 75 percent of the revenue from a city-owned leased property, formerly the Bryant Street Teen Center.

Perez-Sanchez is available to contact through email at [email protected]