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Trendy Tuesday: Finals fashion

With finals right around the corner, we bet you haven’t been thinking much about your fashion choices for the week. But you should be. Should you look stylish? Should you get directly out of bed and go to school? Do you want your peers to see you like that? Do you want your peers to see you at all?

Disclaimer: we do not know how to make you invisible to your peers, but we can help you decide how to dress for finals. Do not fear, Voice is here.

Option 1: Jump out of bed and go directly to school.

You might be thinking, “Haven’t I put enough effort into studying – why must I try with my style?” If you are feeling lazy or if you need a break after staying up studying until 4 a.m., here are some tips for you.

Feel free to take the literal approach and get directly out of bed in your pajamas, put on your backpack and head to school. Don’t bother brushing your hair or looking in the mirror; just take time to eat breakfast and mentally prepare yourself for the day. We especially recommend this comfortable style for Wednesday because that is ASB’s official pajama day for the student body.

“Being comfortable gets you in the right state of mind when you’re taking your finals,” senior Clara Harrington said. “You’re not too worried about how your clothes feel.”

Senior Clara Harrington recommends polka dotted fuzzy high socks with purple Tevas for finals fashion. According to Harrington, this makes for a comfortable outfit, therefore allowing her to fully focus on her tests with no added distractions. Photo by Molly Fogarty.

Other outfits include your largest pair of sweats, a messy bun (here are some styling tips), high fuzzy socks, and Ugg slippers or Tevas, as often acclaimed Paly fashion icon Harrington recommends.

“Wearing some open-toed shoes stops your feet from getting too warm if you’re stressed,” Harrington said. “Finals are a time where you should be focusing on your test and getting the best grades possible rather than focusing on your outfits.”

To match Harrington’s style, you can get fuzzy socks at your local CVS or Target, and you can find a nice large sweatshirt for a bargain at the Goodwill, sometimes with a funny saying on it, according to Harrington.

“My sweatshirt says, ‘This is what a great fisherman looks like,’” Harrington said.

Option 2: Dress for success.

“Dress for Success” is the saying that many students plan to follow in their finals outfits.

Junior Bryce Rockwell tried this style out last year and found it to beneficially impact her scores and confidence.

“It just feels good to dress well and to feel confident about yourself,” Rockwell said.

Junior Bryce Rockwell dresses in high-waisted jeans, a long sleeve shirt, scarf, necklace and furry booties for her “Dress for Success” finals fashion look. According to Rockwell, dressing fashionably provides her with confidence to ace her tests. Photo by Molly Fogarty.

Rockwell plans on wearing high-waisted skinny jeans, a tight long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, booties with fur on them, a beanie and a scarf.

Strut into your testing center by wearing the nicest outfit in your closet — not only will you “dress for success” but also “to impress.”

Option 3: Dress exactly as you would on a regular school day.

Some students fear that changing their typical routine could potentially mess up their scores.

“I don’t dress any different for finals then I would for a typical day at school,” junior Griffin Carlson said. “I live my life in a routine and try to not veer from it. … I don’t want to deal with any unknown factors that come with it.”

For this style, change absolutely nothing. Prepare for the day exactly as you typically would and dress the same as usual.

Option 4: Get in the holiday spirit by wearing holiday outfits.

We know that the one thing getting you through this week is the fact that the holidays are right around the corner. Why not get in the spirit a little early? It’s time to pull out your ugly Christmas and Hannukah sweaters and rock them during finals week.

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