Books Inc. annual promotion to benefit Paly library

Ido Gal and Wesley Woo

The Palo Alto High School Library will benefit from all Books Inc. sales made today from 4 to 7 p.m.

Twenty percent of all proceeds earned will go towards buying books for Paly students.

According to Paly librarian Rachel Kellerman, the benefit started as soon as Books Inc. moved to Town and Country Village.

“When Books Inc. moved to Town and Country Village a few years ago, they offered shopping night to two schools,” Kellerman said. “It’s a great partnership for us because we are right across the street, and they know and love the Paly students who shop there.”

Held annually, the event is the library’s main fundraising event.  Whenever a student requests a book the library does not carry, the library can use the earned Books Inc. credit to buy the desired text.

“This is a big fundraiser for us as we make almost $1,000, which translates into almost 70 books,” Kellerman said. “When a student or staff wants a book, we can just take our store credit from the event and buy the book the same day.”

Junior Anant Marur believes that the event encourages connections between the Paly student body and the broader Palo Alto community.

“It gives us [the Paly student body] more support from the community,” Marur said.  “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that also shows just how much the rest of the town supports us.”