Juniors take the lead: Day One recap

Samuel Desré and Will Zhou

Participants in the shake it activity strapped pedometers to their arms with sweat brands and tried rack up the most amount of steps in a minute. Photo by Adele Bloch.
Participants in the shake it “Shake It” activity strapped pedometers to their arms with sweat brands and tried to rack up the highest number of steps in a minute. Photo by Adele Bloch.

The junior class’s spirits are high after winning two of the three competitions held today on the football field for Palo Alto High School’s Spirit Week activities.

The first rally of the week included the new “Minute to Win It” games “Nose Dive” and “Shake It,” and the returning “Banana Bump.”

“Having ‘Minute to Win it’ game added to the entertainment because it involves more people,” junior Siddharth Srinivasan said. “The games were interesting and out of the box.”

“Nose Dive” had players from each class putting petroleum jelly on the tips of their noses. With their hands behind their backs, the players had to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another, using only the jelly on noses. The player who moved the most cotton balls into the bowl in a minute won, in this case, junior Anant Maur.

Following the “Nose Dive” game, “Shake It” had students from each grade strap a pedometer to their arms and then try to get the most number of steps as possible on the pedometers by shaking.
After a minute of frantic shaking, sophomore Henry Badger came out on top.

Finally, “Banana Bump” involved a student from each class using only a banana hanging from the waist to bump an orange past the finish line. The race was close but the reigning champion from last year, junior Quintin Valenti, defended his title with another win.

Paly students said they enjoyed the activities proposed by the Associated Student Body for the first Spirit Week rally.

“The games were really fun and I love ASB [Associated Student Body] with a burning passion,” senior Ankitia Avadhani said.

The freshman placed last in all of the rally’s activities.

“Like every year, the freshmen struggled to catch on to the idea of Spirit Week,” junior Matthew Keller said. “Sophomores and senior are a serious threat to the junior class … but I believe we will be able to pull it [a win] off”

Today’s scores will be posted by ASB after float building tonight. Keep checking The Paly Voice for more Spirit Week related information.