APPetite blog: Heads Up!

Liana Pickrell, Author

Here is the third installment of APPetite featuring “Heads Up!” Read our blog to discover great games and other apps available in Apple’s App Store. We will cover apps ranging from retrofitted classic games to useful productivity apps. Check in each week to fulfill your hunger for a new addictive app fix!

Mouse over the stars on the infographic below to learn more about “Heads Up!”

Heads Up!
Price: 99 cents on App Store and FREE on Google Play
In-App Purchases: Extra decks are available (99 cents each)
Available: App Store, Google Play
Rank: 4.5/5
Why you should download: “Heads Up!” is a fun twist on charades and provides hours of laughter.

Can you guess this word from these hints?

1) The holiday that worships a bunny.

2) Colorful plastic eggs.

3) Lots of chocolate and candy.

If you guessed Easter you are going to love “Heads Up!”

“Heads Up!” is a modern spin on charades and one of my favorite games. It is very intuitive to play as well. Just pick a category like “Animals Gone Wild” or “Superstars” and start guessing. “Heads Up!” requires at least two players, but can include as may people as you want. One player is the designated guesser and places the mobile device on their forehead. The other players act out or describe the word displayed. Tilt up for correct answers and tilt down to pass. At the end of the minute, the app shows which words the person got right and wrong. During the game, “Heads Up!” uses the front-facing camera to record the round, and at the end,  you can replay it for laughs.

“Heads Up!” also offers extra category decks for 99 cents such as “Movie Buff” and “Superheroes.” I bought one extra deck “Wish You Were Here” that had famous cities and locations. Although it was fun, I’m not sure it was worth the money. The included decks are more than enough for hours of entertainment.

My personal favorite deck is “Act It Out” where you are only allowed to use gestures to describe the words. It is always super funny to watch and fun to act out.

I rate it two thumbs and one “Heads Up!”