Voice of the week: Zoe Limbrick

Chloe Fishman, Author

Junior Zoe Limbrick pauses from her fast-paced life to pose for The Paly Voice. Limbrick can often be found eating bagels, working on Paly Radio Club projects or simply lounging in the Media Arts Center. Photo by Chloe Fishman.

This week The Paly Voice sat down with junior Zoe Limbrick to discuss her hilarious twitter, her love of bagels and her grandma’s fridge.

The Paly Voice: You have an extremely funny Twitter. How did it all start?

Zoe Limbrick: So the story of how I made my Twitter was freshman year they were interviewing me for The Campanile’s 1 in 2000 thing. What a great way to start off life. So I was just going through my interview, talking about myself, and they said “You should make a Twitter” and I was like “Okay.” I started off tweeting some weird puns about sloths and Aeropostale and stuff. I think I deleted them, I was so embarrassed. And then I sort of just evolved with my life and here I am as @CaptainGenovia.

TPV: What is your favorite tweet?

ZL: I do not have a favorite tweet, because would JK Rowling have a favorite book? People would expected her to have “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” be her favorite book, but no. And my favorite tweet also is not my most popular tweet. I think it’s some random tweet that nobody favorited from sophomore year. When the government was shut down, with a lot of abbreviations and stuff, “you can shut down the government but you can’t shut down my style.” It got like two favorites. I was like “Oh yeah! That is comedy gold.”

PV: Your most popular tweet is one referring to sophomore boys. Please explain the tweet and its inspiration.

ZL: The popular sophomore boys last year just never sat down during lunch, so I was like “Please, rest your weary bones and take a rest.” So I snapped a little pic and tweeted about it. It was “Breaking news: popular sophomore boys are incapable of sitting.”

PV: If you could go anywhere in the world right now for a month, where would you go?

ZL: I’d go to New Zealand and roam with the sheep in the wilderness and have a good time. New Zealand is cool. My family is from New Zealand and I like it, and I know it as a place with lots of sheep. So I thought that would be a wild thing to bring up right now. Felt like an appropriate thing to say.

PV: What is your favorite snack food?

ZL: Bagels are the backbone of this nation. If I had to live off of one item, it would be a bagel. There’s a classic cream cheese, but also you can make a whole bagel sandwich. They are so diverse. I saw a Tumblr post that said you could just cut a hole in a piece of bread and call it a bagel, but that is the most insulting thing you could ever say.

PV: Tell us about your involvement in Paly Radio Club.

ZL: Well, once-upon-a-time, in beginning journalism, Paul Kandell asked if anyone wanted to do radio. So I raised my hand but I never actually went to any of the meetings. It turns out that nobody went to any of the meetings. Then Maya Kandell said “Hello! My father has an opportunity for radio” and I said “well I still want to do that.” And my life just sort of descended into recording myself saying things and then making everyone listen to it, which is the dream.

PV: What do you talk about on the air?

ZL: Well last week, I interviewed Molly Kraus about a poem she wrote about Ferguson (Missouri), and I posted that on SoundCloud. And we just have a good time.

PV: What would people be surprised to find out that you do in free time?

ZL: Unrelated to bagels or radio, I sort of just sit in my house and go on Twitter and Tumblr. I watch a lot of comedy TV. I was raised on “Seinfeld” and “Spongebob Squarepants.” That cultivated me as a human being.

PV: Have you read Tina Fey’s book?

ZL: Yes! I am obsessed with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a duo, and for my friend’s birthday I found these weird necklaces from Etsy where someone did a shrinky dink of their faces. It’s very low quality on these chains you’d probably buy from a random art store, and I was like “Ah yes. I will spend $20 on shipping and handling on this. Definitely worth my money.”

PV: What did you do last night?

ZL: I went to the Lorde concert. It was at the Greek theatre in Berkeley. And she’s such a chill person. She’s like “I feel connected to the trees and nature right now. I like performing outdoors.” And I’m like “You go, Lorde. You connect to your trees. Rock on.” She has a very strange hair flip dance move. It’s very weird how she and Taylor Swift are best friends.

PV: What is the weirdest thing in your refrigerator right now?

ZL: My family and I are semi-hoarders. We never throw out food, so we probably have yogurt from two months ago. Oh wait, I can tell you about my grandma’s fridge. She is also an insane hoarder but she keeps a stack of $20 bills in the back of her fridge for safe keeping. I have not seen it, but it’s a rumor within my family that she has this stack.

PV: Now everyone is going to try to rob her!

ZL: No her fridge is so strange, nobody will try and get into that … She’s going to see this. She’s on Facebook, and we’re friends. She’s going to share it and be like ‘God dammit, Zoe. I just used the Lord’s name in vain for you.’

PV: What has been your favorite experience at Paly so far?

ZL: That sounds like some spiritual thing. The first thing that comes to my head is the Weird Wednesday. As a freshman, I was like I’m gunna go all out. I came in paisley pajama pants tucked into these weird rain boots and a big rain coat with leg warmers on my arms and ski goggles. Yeah, rock on Paly! And I took the shuttle to school, which was first of all, a big mistake. I sat on the shuttle among all of the normally dressed high schoolers. So then I just traversed across the school looking like I was ready to go skiing and take a nap. I was like “Oh dear, I’m a small freshman.” I went all out, like “I’m gonna rule this school. Everyone’s gonna love me.” I was trying to act like “Oh yeah I’m in on the joke that I look like a fool right now.”

PV: What is the last thing you want to say to the Paly community?

ZL: Hello NSA Employees, I know you read this, you cheeky minxes, please remember to floss as it is critical to your dental health and your gums won’t bleed at the dentist.

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