APPetite blog: Duolingo

Liana Pickrell, Author

Here is the first installment of APPetite featuring Duolingo. Read our blog to discover great games and other apps available in Apple’s App Store. We will cover apps ranging from retrofitted classic games to useful productivity apps. Check in each week to fulfill your hunger for a new addictive app fix!

Price: FREE
Available: App Store, Google Play, Online
Rank: 4.5/5
Why you should download: Duolingo is a convenient and fun app for anyone wanting to learn or strengthen their language skills.

Mouse over the stars on the infographic below to learn more about Duolingo.

Duolingo is a mobile application and website for learning languages through mini-lessons, each with various activities. I originally downloaded to see how much Spanish I remembered since I’m not taking the class this year. Foreign language has never been my forté, but Duolingo made it surprisingly fun. The cute green owl that guides you through all the lessons is an extra bonus.

The test-out option is also nice because it allowed me to skip the beginning lessons that I already knew. However, as I progressed through the levels, I found myself getting so absorbed in the game aspect of Duolingo that I ended up using Google Translate so I could test out of as many sections as possible. Not quite the point of the app, but you get the idea.

My only complaint is that Duolingo does not teach grammar rules. It will teach you specific verbs, but it doesn’t show you a general conjugation chart. Duolingo definitely seems most effective if you use it in conjunction with a class or for a language you have a little background in.

Overall, Duolingo is great. And, even better, it’s free! Tener una diversión. Profitez-en. Lernen Sie alle sechs Sprachen.

I guess you will have to try Duolingo (or Google Translate) to find out what I said.

Hint: Spanish, French, German.