Freshman class decides Spirit Week theme

Adele Bloch, Author

Freshman Vice President Claire Billman and Student Activities Director Matt Hall hold up the Spirit Week schedule from two years ago to show the range of themes that previous grades have come up with. A meeting was held for the freshmen class to decide the official Spirit Week theme in the Student Activities Office during lunch today, with the official decision being “The Lion King.” Freshman can dress up as animals from The Lion King or other Disney characters as well. Photo by Adele Bloch.

“Hakuna Matata!” That might as well be the motto of the Palo Alto High School Class of 2018 who chose “The Lion King” as its theme for Spirit Week this year.

The freshmen, who were required to base their theme off of the color orange, voted for The Lion King at lunch in the Student Activities Office today. Other potential choices included “Nickelodeon,” “Jersey Shore” and “Giants” for Spirit Week 2014.

Seventeen people were present at the meeting led by Claire Billman, Vice President of the freshmen class.

“I am incredibly excited for Spirit Week,” Billman said. “I have two older sisters and I’ve seen how much fun they’ve had during Spirit Week, so I’m excited to have just as much fun with my classmates.”

Freshmen can receive updates on Spirit Week float ideas, spirit dances and T-shirts by joining the Paly Class of 2018 Facebook group.

Every grade’s Spirit Week theme has now officially been established: “Red Card” for sophomores, “Pirates” for juniors and “Green light” for seniors.

With only 37 more days till Spirit Week, each grade begins to organize its spirit dance, float idea, and shirt design.