Make X Club

Adele Bloch and Claire Krugler

Junior Co-president Nathan Kao’s geobox has just come out of the 3-D printer in the Cubberley Community Center. The 3-D printer is one of the many tools available to community members at Cubberley. Other tools include a laser cutter, drill press, band saws and hammers. Photo by Nathan Kao.

The Make X Club is planning to initiate a research project at the Cubberley Community Center to provide cutting-edge technology and equipment that are difficult for students to find in Palo Alto, according to junior co-secretary Kai Gallagher.

By using the tools available at Cubberley, Make X Club is going to tackle a long-term research project that will go on for the whole school year and potentially into future years.

Ideas for the research project have ranged from analyzing styrofoam to sending a rocket into low Earth orbit to study any bacteria that forms, according to Gallagher.

“We have the tools to make anything you would want to make,” Gallagher said.

The Make X center at Cubberley has a laser cutter, 3-D printer, drill press, band saws and hammers available for the public. The workshop also provides an assortment of tools and materials that include wood, metal and plastic.

According to junior Co-president James Wang, the first Friday meeting will cover possibilities for the research project this year, the allotted time dedicated towards building, club dedication for members and presentations on previous Make X projects.

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“Anyone who likes making already or would like to learn how to make [should come to the meeting],” Gallagher said. “We’re going to start [on a] really basic level.”

Make X Club has meetings every Friday in room 1710. The Co-presidents are Nathan Kau who can be reached at “[email protected]” and James Wang who can be reached at “[email protected]”.