Assassin’s Guild

Adele Bloch, Author

Students walk around to over 80 clubs during their extended lunch period on Monday. Photo by Samuel Desré.

If you’re looking for a suspenseful and entertaining game to play throughout the school day, the Assassin’s Guild is right for you.

In the club started by sophomore Joey Kellison-Linn, students have the opportunity to play the game Assassin.

The rules are as follows: Each player is known as an “assassin,” and each assassin is given a target — another player in the game. If an assassin successfully and secretly places a clothespin on his or her target, the target is deemed assassinated. The assassinated person’s target now becomes the assassin’s target, and each player continues to assassinate each other until there is only one person left.

“The game is banned during class time, as I can imagine that would be disruptive,” Kellison-Linn said. “But during brunch, lunch or passing periods, it’s fair game.”

Kellison-Linn unofficially played the game with his friends last year, and for this school year, he decided to make it a club so that more students could join in on the fun.

Meetings are every Tuesday at lunch in 218. The president is Joey Kellison-Linn who can be reached at “[email protected]”.