New English teachers: Trinity Klein

Maddy Jones, Author

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English teacher Trinity Klein smiles in her classroom. Klein has returned to Paly after working at Gunn. Photo by Maddy Jones.

Trinity Klein teaches in the 10th grade accelerated lane. For the past four years Klein worked in administration at Gunn. Klein also previously taught for 13 years at Palo Alto High School (the last year she spent at Paly was as dean of students).

The Paly Voice: What did you do this summer?

Trinity Klein: I spent a lot of time at the pool. One of my daughters swims at a little swim club. My family took a trip back East. We went to Philadelphia, Maryland, D.C. and New York City. I spent some time in LA at the beginning and end of the summer and cleaned up little pet-projects around the house.

TPV: What do you do in your free time?

TK: I don’t have any free time. I’m a working mother. I exercise as often as I can. I just really enjoy hanging out with my kids, an occasional date night with my husband, getting out with girlfriends, just good family stuff.

TPV: What is your favorite part of teaching?

TK: The students. They are phenomenal and coming back into the classroom after administration I’m very appreciative of the ability to really build relationships in the classroom and really get to know kids. They are what makes it a fun and energetic job.

TPV: Do you have a favorite app?

TK: Candy Crush.

TPV: Do you have pets?

TK: I have a little mutt named Jackson.

TPV: What is the last movie you saw and did you like it?

TK: “Neighbors.” It’s hysterical, and it was good to see my former student Davey Franco in his breakout acting role.

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