Here to school you: new English teachers

Maddy Jones, Author

The four new teachers of the English Department smile for the camera. From left to right: Bo Cheli, Trinity Klein, Richard Rodriguez and George Vuong. Photo by Maddy Jones.

Four new teachers are starting their new positions in the English department at Palo Alto High School for the 2014-15 school year. The Paly Voice sat down with these new teachers to get to know them better.

Bo Cheli

photo 1
New English teacher Bo Cheli smiles from his desk in his classroom. Cheli is teaching both freshmen and sophomores in the regular and accelerated lanes. Photo by Maddy Jones.

Bo Cheli is teaching freshmen and sophomores in both the accelerated and regular lanes of English. Previously, Cheli taught for eight years in San Jose and for four years at Homestead High School, where he regularly taught juniors and seniors.

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Trinity Klein

photo 3-1 (2)
English teacher Trinity Klein smiles in her classroom. Klein has returned to Paly after working at Gunn. Photo by Maddy Jones.

Trinity Klein teaches in the 10th grade accelerated lane. For the past four years Klein worked in administration at Gunn. Klein also previously taught for 13 years at Paly (the last year she spent at Paly was as dean of students).

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Richard Rodriguez

photo 4 (2)
New English teacher Richard Rodriguez smiles  inside his classroom. Rodriguez was previously teaching Southern California in Los Angeles, but moved to Northern California in Palo Alto to teach at Paly. Photo by Maddy Jones.

Richard Rodriguez is teaching both the accelerated lane for freshmen and World Literature for seniors. Rodriguez taught for 16 years in Los Angeles, where he spent most of his time at Venice High School. At Venice High School Rodriguez taught everything from seventh grade in the gifted lane all the way to 12th grade, according to Rodriguez.

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George Vuong

photo 2 teacher pink (2)
New English teacher George Vuong poses smiles outside his classroom in the Media Arts Center. Vuong teaches the accelerated lanes of both ninth and tenth graders. Photo by Maddy Jones.

George Vuong teaches both freshmen and sophomores in the accelerated lanes. Vuong originally worked as an assistant systems manager at a health and beauty company that focused on organic skincare, but switched to teaching for the greater social interaction. Vuong worked as a student teacher at Santa Barbara High School and then came to Paly, where he says he has enjoyed the mentorship and support that has been offered to new teachers.

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