Voice of the Week: Owen Dulik

Kate Marinkovich, Author

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Sophomore Owen Dulik flashes his pearly whites. Photo by Lydia Barry.

Sophomore Owen Dulik flashes his pearly whites. Photo by Lydia Barry.

This week The Paly Voice sat down with sophomore Owen Dulik to discuss patriotism, the San Jose Sharks and his quest for love.

The Paly Voice: Okay, Owen, tell us a bit about yourself.

Owen Dulik: Sophomore at Paly. First and foremost, I’m a patriot.

TPV: Explain.

OD: I love this country. Not a week goes by without me wearing a piece of American clothing be it shorts, sunglasses, t-shirts, got my phone background, my phone case. Everything is American flag.

PV: Speaking of democracy, you’re an officer of ASB. What is your favorite part of being on ASB?

OD: My favorite part of being on ASB has definitely got to be Spirit Week. It’s definitely strenuous and long hours, but it’s all worth it when we get most of our class up in those stands cheering our hearts out and just creating a sort of class unity.

PV: That sounds awesome. What were your feelings toward the sophomores beating the juniors this year during Spirit Week? Do you feel you contributed to that?

OD: I feel like I definitely contributed to that. I’m not trying to take all the success of course, and glory, because it’s really the class first and foremost. I didn’t even participate in events but I would say that, yes, it takes some planning that I definitely participated in.

PV: What is your favorite weekend pastime?

OD: Favorite weekend pastime, hmm. I gotta go with the sleeping in on a Sunday morning after a late Saturday night.

PV: What does the late Saturday night entail for Owen Dulik?

OD: Some tea, “Downton Abbey” and probably getting in bed by 10.

PV: Is “Downton Abbey” your favorite TV show?

OD: I have not watched it, but I’ve heard Lord Grantham is pretty cool.

PV: What is your favorite TV show then?

OD: That’s definitely tough. I watch a lot of television, but I would say all time probably “Arrested Development.”

PV: You are often seen on social media as a fan of the San Jose Sharks. Where did this hockey passion come from?

OD: So I was named after the Sharks captain Owen Nolan at the time even though my parents weren’t really hockey fans, but that kind of got me into it. My parents actually saw him on SportsCenter beating a guy’s face in and they were like, “Oh, Owen’s a nice name.” So, I would say that’s where I got my emotional, fiery passion but I started following hockey and the Sharks and the NHL and I just watch all the games now and follow all the stats, I love it.

PV: On a different note, what is your biggest weakness?

OD: My biggest weakness is my ability to love I would say, because sometimes I open my heart too much, which may be a detriment to my emotional being because I rarely do get shut down, be it romantically or just in friendship.

PV: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

OD: Wow. Ten years, I see myself fresh out of college, already moving up the ranks of the business world. I see myself maybe not CEO, but high up there, VP of Marketing and I see myself either living on the East Coast or in Canada.

PV: Why in Canada?

OD: [It’s] the second best country on Earth.

PV: So what’s the best country on Earth?

OD: ‘Murica.

PV: So what are you views on immigration?

OD: That’s putting me on the spot. But Americans have to follow up. That’s exactly what we did in World War II. I believe that America was founded on immigrants and I believe that illegal immigrants aren’t necessarily a good thing for this country, but I feel that we should be more open to letting immigrants become legal.

PV: What are your last words of wisdom?

OD: God bless America. Stay in school. Have fun.

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