Student film festival to take place this Friday

Takaaki Sagawa, Author

The 2014 Palo Alto Student Film Festival logo. Photo by Paly Video Productions.
The 2014 Palo Alto Student Film Festival poster. Photo by Paly Video Productions.

Palo Alto High School will host its first student film festival from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Haymarket Theater.

The 2014 Palo Alto Student Film Festival “Sound and Vision” will feature a curated selection of student films produced over the course of this school year.

“This is a combination of our years’ worth of video projects,” junior and organizer of the film festival Jack Brook said. “We’re picking the best ones and the ones we are the most proud of, and putting it up on the big screen to honor the work we’ve done this past year.”

Visual and performing arts teacher Brett Griffith said he is thrilled to host this student organized event.

“This is a student-run and student-operated film festival,” Griffith said. “My job is just to set up the event and make it basically possible, but I’m really proud of this event and it will be an awesome opportunity to see student curated and student made films between our advanced film and our beginning film program.”

Griffith also sees the experience of such festivals as a crucial component in becoming a better filmmaker.

“For me as a former filmmaker industry person, this [film festival] is essential to what it means to be in film, to see what that’s like and to see your work exhibited,” Griffith said.

Seating is first come first serve for any student, friend, family or staff who would like to attend according to Griffith.

For more information, visit the event website or watch the trailer here.