Nearly all sessions filled up for TEDx PaloAltoHighSchool

Takaaki Sagawa and Ido Gal

The lineup of speakers consists of seven sessions, each with a specific theme. Photo by Takaaki Sagawa
The lineup of speakers consists of seven sessions, each with a specific theme. Photo by Takaaki Sagawa

The TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool event, which will be held all day Monday in the Haymarket Theater, is gearing up for success after filling up all but one of its sessions’ enrollment.

After registration was made available on Jan. 28, students and teachers rapidly signed up, currently leaving very limited space open for registration, according to club adviser Rachel Kellerman.

“A lot of the sessions are filled up, there are only a couple of spots left first period and lunch and the rest are filled,” Kellerman said.

The first session, “The Future of Scientific Research,” will feature three postdoctoral fellows from Stanford University, who will each present on his or her current research, according to the TEDx speaker lineup.

Overall, TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool will feature 16 speakers, including four student speakers, three of whom currently attend Palo Alto High School: Will Robertson, Cathy Rong and Sylvia Targ.

“I’m really excited to share my ideas,” sophomore student speaker Sylvia Targ said, who will speak about biracial identity. “Because Paly has such a large multi-racial population, my talk in particular will apply to a lot of people.”

Some of the adult speakers include Daniel Russell, a senior research scientist at Google, and Steve Bono, a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

“Our speakers are really awesome,” Kellerman said. “What stands out is the richness and the depth of the speakers we have as well as the quality and the amount of speakers. We have a people coming from Stanford and the tech world, as well as a writer and a professional football player, so there’s lots of diversity. I think there’s something for everyone.”

The TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool club has high hopes for the success of this event to inspire students through this experience.

“[TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool] allows the spread of TED experiences to local communities as opposed to having to pay $7000 [for a] ticket to attend a real TED event,” junior TEDx club founder Andrew Lu said. “It’s our inaugural event. … We’re still trying to figure out a lot of the details, but I’m confident that it will go very well.”

Registration and more information is available on the TEDx website.

If you missed the chance to register for seats, videos of all talks will be posted onto the TEDx YouTube channel after the event.