TEDx sign ups are ready for Paly

Julianna Heron, Author

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Registration is open for the Paly community to sign up to attend Palo Alto High School’s first ever TEDx conference. The TEDx Conference will have seven sessions over the course of the day will begin 8:15 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24 in the Haymarket Theater.

Students may attend the talks during lunch or during their prep periods, according to junior Andrew Lu, the founder of Paly’s TEDx club. Teachers can also sign up their classes to attend specific talks.

“Students will be able to sign up if they have a prep,” Lu said. “Teachers can sign up their entire class to go… there is a very limited amount [of space] because we only have 100 slots [per session].”

Each session will last about 50 minutes, the length of one class period, and a variety of speakers will speak about a topic that they are familiar with, according to Lu. There will be multiple talks per session.

“We have seventeen speakers lined up,” Lu said. “They are all talking on a variety of subjects.”

The topics include public service, science, entrepreneurship, sci-fi writing and sports, according to junior Cameron Aishin, the TEDx co-speaker.

“We are [also] playing several TEDx videos that are fairly entertaining,” Aishin said.

There will be a session every period except for fifth period and one session will be held for 35 minutes during lunch. In total there are seven sessions each with at least one and up to four speakers.

With only 100 seats available per session, attendance is limited to those who register in advance.

The speakers range from students to scientists to entrepreneurs. The full lineup can be found at the TEDx website and Facebook page.

Palo Alto Unified School District’s second high school, has already hosted TEDx in past years.

“I was thinking [that] Gunn has a TEDx event, so we [Paly] should probably get one as well,” Lu said.