Local nonprofit to increase AED awareness

Kate Marinkovich, Author

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Local nonprofit organization Racing Hearts will hold its first ever campaign to increase community knowledge of  automated external defibrillation machine locations starting today.

The Spot the Box campaign is a month-long, interactive scavenger hunt for students across the Bay Area. The goal is to locate AED machines and create a comprehensive map of the Bay Area’s AED machine locations.

“Racing Hearts’ goal is to help save people who suffer from sudden cardiac arrests by increasing their access to AED machines,” Anna Lizaur said, a PR/Marketing intern at Racing Hearts.

Spot the Box is forming teams at high schools and middle schools throughout the area to compete against one another, according to Lizaur. Once formed, teams will download the AEDspotter app, locate AED machines and upload their location to the app. For each AED machine a team locates, it earns a credit.

The map created by the campaign will not only benefit the community, but also first responders in the area, according to the Racing Hearts website.

Teams that locate the most AED machines will be rewarded with prizes, the grand prize being a $500 Visa gift card. A list of all prizes can be found here.

Racing Hearts’ mission is to advocate for the survival value of AED machines and increase access to these machines for the public. It has partnered with the Palo Alto Fire Department, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, and Palo Alto Elks Club in this effort, according to Lizaur.

“Racing Hearts wants to raise awareness in the community inspiring more stores and public places to carry AEDs so we can all live happier and healthier lives,” Lizaur said.

Spot the Box is looking for high school ambassadors to start teams at their school. If interested, contact [email protected].