Winter Rally to be held tomorrow after second period

Chloe Fishman, Author

Palo Alto High School’s Winter Rally will take place directly after second period tomorrow in the Big Gym.

The rally will include performances by the dance team, cheer squad and the pep band followed by a basketball game of senior students versus staff members and the announcement of the 2014 Prom location.

The 40-minute event will be followed by a 10 minute brunch, causing a shift in the day’s bell schedule.

Junior dance team member Jamie Garcia is excited to see her team perform.

“The team has been working really hard on an amazing dance,” Garcia said. “I can’t wait to see it come together.”

Senior percussionist Becca Althoff commented on the pep band’s presence at the rally tomorrow.

“The band always brings it’s A-game,” Althoff said. “Let’s just say that the band will be the real MVP tomorrow.”

Associated Student Body President Audrey DeBruine expects the staff-student basketball game to be the highlight of the rally.

“The Winter Rally is always fun,” DeBruine said. “I’m excited for the seniors to take on the staff. We have a star-studded team, and I have no doubt that they’ll kill it.”

After a heated game in 2013, with the seniors barely scraping out a tie, the class of 2014 is looking to clinch that final victory this year, according to senior Tully McCalister.

McCalister predicted that the students will come out on top.

“I’m pretty pumped for the game,” McCalister said. “Of course we’re going to beat the teachers. They can’t handle these moves.”

The rally will close with the reveal of this year’s Prom location. Junior Class Vice President Preston Kuppe is looking forward to the announcement.

“I think it’s a really fun and creative way to reveal it to the school,” Kuppe said.

The team rosters, posted by ASB, are as follows.

Senior Boys:
Paul Bienaime
Cedric Amaya
James Hindery
Edward Mei
Keller Chryst
Chris Smith
Andrew Liang
Ziv Schwartz
Tully McCalister
Brian Kannapan
John Young
Blake Smith
Zack Rizk
Alternatives: Jack Anderson, Connor Simrell

Senior Girls:
Hannah Bundy
Lauren Kerr
Callie Walker
Becca Raffel
Emma Noroian
Kristen DeStefano
Julia Saul
Alternatives: Julia Kwasnick, Jessica Branson


Adam Yonkers
Michael Stern
John Rowe
Debbie Whitson
Melinda Mattes
Mary Riordan
Arne Lim
Elizabeth Brimhall
Michael Najar
Brett Griffin
Craig Tuana
Jerry Berkson
Chris Kuszmaul
Grant Blackburn
Matt Hall

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