Live-blog: Girls soccer kicks off season against Los Altos

Scott Andrews and Julia Asin

The Palo Alto High School girls soccer team tied Los Altos High School 2-2 in their first game of the league season. During the first half, the Vikings controlled the ball for the majority of the 40 minutes. Seven minutes in, Sophomore forward Heidi Moeser scored the first goal with an assist from Sophomore midfielder Jacey Pederson. Pederson followed that assist up by dribbling through the defense and scoring Paly’s second goal of the night. Los Altos’ defense became reinvigorated at the start of the second half, in which they dominated control of the ball. For most of the second half, the ball was in Paly’s side of the field, although there were several nice breakaways made by various Vikings. The Paly offense was mostly silent, and Los Altos was able to score two goals. The first goal was scored when Freshman keeper Dhara Yu came out of the goal to stop the ball, succeeded in that, rushed back to the goal, and blocked another shot. Despite that, Los Altos was able to score on their third rebound. The other goal was scored on a penalty kick, when the referee called a handball on one of Paly’s defenders.

The Palo Alto High School girls soccer team will kick off their season with a game against Los Altos at 3:30 p.m. today at the El Camino Field. Check back here for a live-blog of the game!
3:30 The first league game is under way.
3:36 First shot on goal blocked by keeper Dhara Yu, Los Altos called offsides.
3:37 Heidi Moeser scores a goal from Jacey Pederson’s cross. Score is 1-0
3:39 Los Altos boots the ball towards our goal, and out of play after senior Julia Kwasnick clears the ball. 3:43 Pederson makes a breakaway down half the field, her cross is not scored. 3:45 Nika Woodill subs in for Moeser.
3:49 Kwasnick and Musil are making several nice clears.
3:50 Moeser subs in for Olivia Musil.
3:51 Foul is called against Paly near the goal. Lena Chang subs in. The kick is deflected and booted out by Alys Olmstead.
3:55 Pederson dribbles the ball to the goal and around the defense, passes it in. The score is 2-0.
3:58 15 minutes left in the half, Aoi Sugihara and Chang stop a Los Altos attack.
3:59 Ansley Queen subs in for Megan Tall.
4:00 Los Altos shot blocked by Chang.
4:01 Foul called on Katie Foug, Los Altos gets free kick.
4:04 Pederson Kicks ball out of bounds, over science building.
4:04 Chang goes on breakaway, sandwhiched by Los Altos, keeper gets ball.
4:06 Los Altos player goes down after heading the air near Moeser. Los Altos gets a free kick.
4:09 Queen is in collision with Los Altos, LA free kick. 4:10 Pederson once more dribbles through everyone towards the goal, unable to take a shot.
4:11 Alison Lu clears the ball with a sliding tackle.
4:11 LA kicks through defense, Yu makes the save.
4:12 Priscilla Bell and Tall sub in for Queen and Moeser
4:13 Half time is called, Paly leads Los Altos 2-0.

4:25 Paly kicks off to start the second half.
4:27 Lu stops LA breakaway, works with Musil to keep ball away from LA.
4:28 LA goes on breakaway, Yu blocks, LA misses the rebound shot wide.
4:31 LA has kept the ball on Paly’s half, resulting in a lot of blocks and clears.
4:31 Many of Paly’s attempts to get into LAs half ended by bad passes.
4:33 Pederson dribbles down the field, attempted pass to the corner goes out of bounds.
4:34 Paly gets free kick near LA goal. Musil kicks, keeper catches.
4:35 Paly gets another free kick for pushing, Sugihara is sandwiched by LA on attempted breakaway.
4:36 After two fantastic saves by Yu, handball called on Paly in PB, LA takes kick, scores. It is 2-1, Paly.
4:39 Paly gets free kick. 4:40 Yu Makes a diving save after LA is open and gets a breakaway.
4:41 Yellow card on Los Altos after they shove Musil to ground in PB.
4:42 Talia Malchin subs in Sugihara.
4:43 LA gets free kick.
4:45 Clear by Paly goes to LA, shot taken and missed.
4:46 Ball once more hit over science building by Paly.
4:49 Sugihara and Woodfill sub in for Tall and Sunny Lyu.
4:50 15 minutes left, score is 2-1, so far LA has dominated half.
4:50 Woodfill goes on breakaway, loses ball in corner.
4:51 LA keeper catches Paly corner kick.
4:52 Paly gets free kick.
4:53 Sugihara kicks ball through defense, Foug gets ball, no shot.
4:54 Woodfill takes shot, goalie dives to save it.
4:54 Malchin deflects ball away from goal.
4:56 Chang takes knee, LA does not kick it out, takes shot. Trainer goes in, appears to be ankle injury. Bell subs in.
4:58 LA takes free kick, crosses into left pole. Score is tied at 2-2.
5:00 Paly gets free kick near LA goal. Nice kick by Musil, but keeper grabs it. 5:03 Yu saves LA header from going in.
5:05 Ref blows the whistle, game is over. Paly ties Los Altos 2-2.