Liveblog: Boys’ soccer takes on Milpitas

Julia Asin, Author

Palo Alto High School’s boys’ soccer team tied with a final score of 1-1 against Milpitas today in a non-conference game.

Both goals came during the second half. Milpitas’ goal was scored after a Milpitas player dribbled past three Paly defenders and made a shot into the upper part of the goal, past senior Goalkeeper Tony Maharaj. Seven minutes later, junior midfielder Wesley Woo diverted a Milpitas breakaway, dribbled up half the field, and made a pass to sophomore forward Dami Bolarinwa. Bolarinwa took a shot into the lower opposite corner and scored.

After winning their game last Thursday, the tie today makes the boys’ record (1-2-1). The Vikings will play Menlo High School at 3:30 p.m. this Thursday at Paly in another non-conference game.

Palo Alto High School’s boys’ soccer team takes on Milpitas High School at 3:30 p.m. today at Paly as part of the Oak Grove Tournament. Keep checking back here for a live-blog of the game!

3:31 Milpitas kicks off to start the game.

3:34 Dami Bolarinwa attempts to cross the ball to the center, but the pass is missed.

3:38 Cina Vazir crosses the ball to Bolarinwa on a breakaway, ball goes out of play.

3:39 Roberto Sotelo knocks heads with a Milpitas player, no call made.

3:40 Jack Brook heads a Milpitas free kick out of play.

3:43 Milpitas called offsides on corner kick. Bolarinwa takes a knee, but walks it off.

3:45 Brook runs down a Milpitas breakaway. Score is still 0-0.

3:48 Bolarinwa barely misses a goal on a breakaway.

3:50 Steven Blatman takes a free kick at the  center of the field, Paly is called offsides.

3:54  #24 subs in for Sotelo.

3:58 Vazir crosses to Bolarinwa. Milpitas goalie blocks the shot.

3:59 A Milpitas player passes two defenders, and goes one on one with goalie Tony Maharaj. Maharaj tackles ball, makes the save.

4;04 Wesley Woo and #17 sub in.

4:08 Siddharth Srinivasin takes a shot, misses over the goal.

4:10 Paly #17 is fouled, Woo takes the free kick.

4:11 Halftime is called on Milpitas’ side of the field. The score remains 0-0. Paly will kick off to start the second half.

4:20 Paly kicks off to start the second half, the score is 0-0.

4:22 Adrian Guzman takes a corner; Paly fails to score.

4:25 Bolarinwa’a shot is blocked by the goalie on a breakaway. Seconds later, Bolarinwa misses on a pass from Vazir.

4:31 Milpitas takes a kick in Paly’s half, Milpitas fails to head the ball into the goal.

4:37 A Milpitas player dribbles past Paly’s defense, and curves a shot into the top of the goal. Milpitas leads 1-0.

4:39 Roberto Sotelo takes a shot to the corner, the Milpitas goalie blocks it.

4:40 Paly trails 1-0 with 20 minutes left.

4:41 Sotelo takes a shot after a pass from Kuppe, but a shove from a Milpitas player causes the ball to veer off course.

4:44 Bolarinwa scores after Woo stops a Milpitas breakaway, dribbles up the field, and passes to Bolarinwa, who makes a shot into the lower opposite corner. The game is tied 1-1 with 16 minutes left.

4:45 Woo takes a free kick at the center line.

4:48 Sotelo tries to head the ball into the goal, ball is blocked by keeper and Sotelo is called offsides.

4:50 Thomas Crouch takes a shot from outside goal box to the opposite corner, keeper blocks it.

4:51 Xavier Sherer  called offsides after missed shot just inside the goal box.

4:54 Foul called after Milpitas pulls Woo’s shirt.

4:59 Vazir takes a kick, ball is headed away from the goal.

5:01 Whistle is blown after Vazir takes another free kick, which Paly attempts to head into the goal but misses. The final score is 1-1.