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Voice of the Week: Isabelle Amon

Isabelle Amon (’14) 

Here at The Paly Voice, we will be checking in with a different student each week, talking about their accomplishments, interests and experiences. This week, we are talking with senior Isabelle Amon.

Isabelle Amon spent her junior year abroad in France, through the program American Field Service Student Exchange. Photo by Isabelle Amon.

The Paly Voice: Hey Isabelle! So, tell us about your ‘thing.’

Isa: I’m really into traveling and learning new languages.

TPV: How so?

Isa: Well, last year I did my junior year abroad in Marseilles, France, where I attended a local high school and stayed with a host family. I mean, math is hard enough, but just imagine learning Calculus in French.

TPVWell, good to see you powered through it. Now that you’re back at Paly, how’s your senior year going?

Isa: Pretty well. …  I’m trying to get all the credits to graduate in three years, plus finish college apps, so it’s a fun time.

TPV: Advice for the freshman this year?

Isa:  Wash your faces, brush your teeth, take yourselves less seriously and don’t worry. No one actually notices 80 percent of what you say or do. Relax.

TPV: What’s one unusual thing about yourself?

Isa: I usually sneeze three to seven times in a row, and every morning when I first see the sun.

TPV: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Isa: In 2018… I plan on taking a gap year and doing humanitarian work before going to grad school.

TPV: So imagine you’re at your dream concert. What’s the line-up like?

Isa: Dream concert — I’d really love to go to Coachella for the whole weekend. With VIP passes.

TPV: One good thing and one negative thing about going to Paly?

Isa: One good thing would be that most of the teachers are really really good, but the insane the work load and pressure definitely detracts from the high school experience.

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