Poetry Slam Club hits campus

Amanda Carlsson, Author

Poetry Slam Club will start during lunchtime Nov.18 in room A1. [Photo by Amanda Carlsson]
Palo Alto High School freshman Yasmine Kamgar is bringing a new event to campus with her Poetry Slam Club, which will meet for the first time during lunch Nov. 18 in room A1.

Kamgar aims to encourage more students to get involved and interested in poetry.

“I’m hoping that a lot of great, creative people [will] come,” Kamgar said. “[I want] to share my love of poetry with the Paly community and get kids excited about poetry.”

Kamgar is the president and founder of the Poetry Slam Club, which will be advised by visual and performing arts teacher Brett Griffith.

She is excited for the first official meeting on Monday.

“I’m hoping to have special events to get poeple excited about the club,” Kamgar said. “The first of these is a songwriting class I’ll be hosting on November 18 at lunch.”

Kamgar is very passionate about poetry and expressing herself creatively.

“Poetry is a great way to let out your feelings, good or bad,” Kamgar said.