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Spirit Week intensifies into food fight

Class tensions continue as rivalries intensify between the various grades, as Spirit Week at Palo Alto High School comes to its dramatic conclusion.

Although details are unclear, chocolate milk landed all over some members of the junior class, staining their fancy “sophisticated” clothes during the lunch rally today. The milk-thrower has not yet been identified, and the juniors and sophomores are blaming each other.

Accounts from junior eyewitnesses claim that the milk was thrown by the sophomores and landed on the junior crowd. According to these witnesses, this is not the first liquid thrown at the juniors, stating that Gatorade and chocolate milk were also thrown yesterday. They are calling for points to be deducted from the sophomore class, saying that it is only fair after the junior class was penalized for incidents earlier in the week.

Eyewitnesses from the sophomore stands said that they didn’t see anything being thrown and that they suspected the juniors were framing the sophomores by throwing it into their own crowd.

To complicate the matter further, two other eyewitnesses from the junior crowd stated that they saw the senior class throwing food at the juniors, including lettuce and other food items.

“The food thrown during today’s [rally] sort of symbolized the grade tensions,” junior class president Claire Liu said. “Grade tensions have gotten completely out of hand.”

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