Preview: Spirit to travel through the ages

Addie McNamara, Author

Following tradition, Palo Alto High School students will don generational apparel tomorrow as Spirit Week continues with two rallies – one at lunch and one at Advisory.

The freshmen theme is “babies,” while the sophomores will dress as “teeny boppers,” the juniors as “sophisticates” and the seniors as “senior citizens.”

The first rally of the day will take place at lunch on the football field. Eight students from each grade will compete in the hula hoop race, with the winning grade receiving 200 points and the third, fourth and fifth place teams receiving 180, 160 and 140 points respectively.

The second contest of the lunch rally is the “Minute to Win It” game titled Penny Hose, which is a new addition to the Spirit Week festivities this year. In this game, one student from each grade will attempt to remove pennies from the bottom of the legs of a pair of panty hose using only his or her hands and arms working independently of each other. First place will win 100 points, with second place winning 90, third place winning 80 and last place winning 70.

The Advisory rally will commence at 1:50 p.m. in the Big Gym. There will be a 3-point basket-ball shooting contest with grades receiving 300, 260, 220 and 180 points for first, second, third and fourth place respectively.

Cheers, cleanliness and sportsmanship will continue to affect Spirit Week scores for tomorrow.

For more information on Spirit Week, visit the Associated Student Body website.