BREAKING: Water polo coach resigns unexpectedly

Julianna Heron, Author

The Palo Alto High School girls’ water polo team (1-3) lost more than a game today. After the girls varsity water polo game this afternoon against Saratoga, now ex-head coach Danny Dye told the team that he was resigning from his position.

Earlier this morning, Dye resigned as the varsity coach for reasons unsaid, leaving the girls with the head junior varsity coach, according to junior attack Tess van Hulsen.

“I’ve been on varsity for four years and it’ll be my fourth coach in four years so it’s really really upsetting,” senior utility Tara Lawrence said.

The team feels that the change in authority will be tough, so it is a time for them to pull together to have a successful season, according to van Hulsen.

“I think that the next couple of games are going to be a really growing experience for us,” van Hulsen said.

The new coach has experience in water polo, which will be helpful to the team, according to van Hulsen.

“I’ve heard she has a lot of experience in the water polo field,” van Hulsen said. “We’re really lucky to have someone like that to be in charge of coaching us and hopefully it will lead us to victory.”

The girls’ lost 8-3 to Saratoga but are looking ahead to their season with another game tomorrow in Menlo Park.