Homecoming dance will take place in Paly’s small gym

Molly Fogarty and Julianna Heron

Despite rumors that the Palo Alto High School homecoming dance will break tradition and take place off campus this year, it will be held in the Paly Small Gym, according to the Associated Student Body.

“It’s homecoming so the tradition is for it to be held at home at Paly,” junior ASB spirit commissioner Maya Ben-Efraim said. “After the hype of Spirit Week we want to keep the Paly pride going.”

ASB representatives had considered having the dance off campus, according to Ben-Efraim. However, multiple issues, including its limited budget, restricted ASB from booking a venue.

“We were thinking about having it off campus but we are not able to do it at a hotel without raising ticket prices,” said Ben-Efraim. “We also cannot do it at Lucy Stern [Community Center] or Illusions Dance Club because they [Lucy Stern] are busy and Illusions is closing.”

The homecoming dance will be after Spirit Week from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26, in the Small Gym.