Hurricane music festival, local bands return to Palo Alto

Matthew Fogarty, Author

Palo Alto High School seniors Remi Wolf and Chloe Zilliac will be closing the second annual Hurricane Music Festival on Saturday with a performance by their band, Remi & Chloe.

The festival, which will be held at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto, will feature three more local bands looking to gain recognition.

“The purpose of the Hurricane Music Festival has always been to provide talented musicians with the opportunity to perform at an event with as much outreach and recognition as possible for each of the bands,” coordinator Steffan Salas said.

Wolf is not concerned about publicity, rather, the biggest thrill for her is being on the stage and doing what she loves to do: play music.

“I love performing in front of live audiences.  They give my performance a whole new energy,” Wolf said.

Salas has very high expectations for the additional bands that will return to the festival. The bands that will be returning from the previous year are Headcreep, The Neighbors and Build the Empire.

Perhaps the largest improvement seen during auditions for the event was that of Build the Empire, according to Salas.

“[Build the Empire] auditioned again this year, and it was truly amazing to see how much they progressed from where they already previously were,” Salas said.

The biggest difference this year, however, will not pertain to the music at the event; unlike last year, during this festival SkateWorks skate shop of Los Altos will be providing rails and ramps for skateboarding during the concert.

“It was only natural for the idea of a skate jam at Hurricane to come up,” Salas said. “I skate as well, and so I knew that music and skating go hand in hand with each other.”

In addition to the skate setup there will be food trucks and catering on site with food available for purchase.

All of the music will be performed live without recording and lip syncing, which is something found rarely in live performances today, according to Salas. This way of performing will showcase the abilities of the bands involved and the effort that they put in to displaying quality music, he said.

The Hurricane Music Festival will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. today at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto. Admission is free.