Freshmen candidates prepare for elections

Julianna Heron, Author

Palo Alto High School freshmen elections  to decide the new Associated Student Body president and vice president for the new class will take place starting at 8:15 a.m. tomorrow.

A large number of candidates are running for office this year, giving the freshman class many to choose from. The candidates for freshman class president are Izzy Kelley, Danielle Macuil and Candace Wang. The  candidates for class vice president are Yasmine Kamgar, Anmol Nagar, James Ngo and Ethan Teo.

Freshman candidates are ready to share their enthusiasm about the school with their peers.

“So far I believe this school is amazing,” Ngo said. “I’ve had a really fun time. I just want to spread that to other people who maybe don’t have such a nice high school experience.”

According to Student Activities Director Matt Hall, the speeches of the candidates were recorded and are on the ASB Youtube page for viewing. The speeches were filmed today during Tutorial.

Some students are experienced in student government programs and trying to bring their knowledge into high school.

“I have always been involved in student government and student council and I’ve always loved helping people,” Wang said.

The elections will be held online starting tomorrow until 3:30 p.m. on Friday. The website for the online voting can be found on the Paly homepage or at

Candidates are looking forward to see who will win.

“I’m really excited [for the elections],” Macuil said. “Although I really hope I win, I also hope that whatever president and vice president does win, they also make really great choices.”