Opinion: Don't stress (too much) about finals

Parker Devine, Author

As dead week starts, so do the high stress levels of Palo Alto High School students.

Whether you are a freshmen, sophomore, junior or even a senior, finals probably have you in a panic to boost your grades up one last time this year. For many students, this stress becomes overwhelming. So, to help you with dead week, here is a friendly reminder not to over-panic.

Remember, grades aren’t everything. The truth is, most colleges aren’t going to drastically change their opinion of you if you get a C+ or a B- because it is only the difference of half a percentage point. College admissions officers, believe it or not, are human. They will look at your entire body of work and make a decision to admit you based off of that, not solely your grade point average. If it was the best GPA that got you into whatever school you wanted, then colleges wouldn’t have the diversity in their student body that they strive for.

Obviously, I am not advising that you don’t study for finals. Grades aside, studying for finals is a great way to review the material that you spent all year covering. Without that review, you most likely will be like me and immediately forget everything you learned that year.  The grade aspect of finals is significant as well. Although it is not do-or-die, getting good grades on finals is a huge confidence-booster and reassures you of how you did over the course of the semester.

Getting good grades is important, but don’t let it damage your mental health. Relax, breathe and remember that you’ve been working all semester for this final.