Preview: 2013 Powderpuff

A poster on campus advertises the Powderpuff games. Photo by Frankie Comey
A poster on campus advertises the Powderpuff games. Photo by Frankie Comey

The 2013 Powderpuff rosters have been finalized and the teams are wrapping up their final practices before competition. Powderpuff begins April 30 at lunch, with the freshmen facing off with the seniors. What is expected to be the more even matchup occurs on Thursday at lunch, between the sophomores and juniors.

Powderpuff is a cherished tradition that happens every spring. Palo Alto High School’s best female athletes don eyeblack and cleats and take the field for bragging rights and glory over all other grades.

The junior class, last year’s runner-up, is hungry to claim a victory that was well within grasp last year. Megan Tall – a varsity soccer and track runner – was an integral part of the team last year.

“We [the juniors] dominated last year,” Tall said. “I expect us to kill the sophomores and seniors, who will most likely be the team we face in the championships.”

As far as her Powderpuff experience over the years, Tall had nothing to say but positives.

“I love playing. Powderpuff is super fun and I always love playing,” Tall said.

The seniors, however, have guaranteed extra motivation to win in their final year here at Paly, along with the most experience. Spencer Drazovich – varsity football player and thrower for the track team – hopes to coach the seniors to victory this year. “We are taking a much more relaxed approach this year,” Drazovich said. “We want them to be fresh and relaxed doing into the games”.

Players aren’t the only ones that benefit from Powderpuff. “Coaching the girls has been an unreal experience. I feel we have really grown as a team and established strong camaraderie as a unit”.