"Senior cut day" leaves campus empty

Parker Devine and Becca Raffel

The chairs on the quad were devoid of seniors today, as they took the day off to celebrate the annual unofficial “senior cut day.” Photo by Parker Devine.

The Palo Alto High School campus was much quieter this Monday thanks to the annual unofficial day when the majority of the senior class skips school, popularly referred to as “senior cut day.”

Many seniors took the school day off to relax at home, congregate with friends or go to the beach.

A large percentage of the senior class camped out on Santa Cruz beaches Sunday night, and then spent today there.

“Me and a bunch of other people went to camp out on the beach,” an anonymous senior said yesterday.

Another anonymous senior spent a day the day in the city.

“I woke up at 1 p.m., went to Dairy Queen, spent the day in San Francisco, watched the giants play and then came home,” he said.

But what of these cuts? Will 25 percent of the Paly population see consequences for their actions?

According to the Paly Student Handbook, “no student will be granted credit for assignments nor may a student be permitted to make up tests for any unexcused absence.”

Whether the seniors who participate in “senior cut day” will be seriously affected by these rules will be determined when they return to school on Tuesday.