An explanation regarding the site's downtime Friday

Max Bernstein, Author

As you may be aware, The Paly Voice had an approximate five hours of downtime today. Upon realizing the site malfunction, our webmaster shut down the website. For an overview of what happened read the following:

The Paly Voice operates using a web server that is connected to the database that runs The Paly Voice’s and Verde Magazine’s websites. Today, the database began freezing the server – much like how a computer may freeze if an excessive number of tabs are opened a browser. Similarly, this is what occurred with our publication’s website – somebody, or something, was overloading it.

The issue stemmed from being a DDoS attack, a denial of service; somebody was launching a large, sustained attack against many WordPress sites all over the internet. The Paly Voice was one of the unhappy victims.

CloudFlare, a product we use to speed up the load time of and protect against such attacks, posted on their blog about this attack, and how they moved to stop it from affecting their customers.

So we’re safe now, and with a bigger, badder, more powerful server.

Thank you all for bearing with us during this time.