Slideshow: Filoli

Frankie Comey, Author

Nestled in nearby Woodside, Filoli stands as breathtaking country estate. This 654-acre property is dotted with different attractions, including but not limited to the 36,000-square-foot Georgian courthouse and a captivating 16-acre English renaissance garden.

Surrounding the estate are its renowned flower gardens, which were modeled to create a “new Eden” according to the Filoli website. The blooming of peach and cherry blossom trees brought a new influx of visitors who sought to experience one of nature’s finest beauties for themselves.

Filoli is a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Volunteers are responsible for a major portion of the upkeep and labor that goes into maintaining the estate. The facility’s mission statement is as follows: Filoli is dedicated to the preservation, interpretation and stewardship of the cultural traditions and natural history of this country estate for public education and enjoyment. Filoli is open Tuesday through Sunday until Oct. 27. For more information visit Filoli’s website at