Sophomore class officers: An inside look at the candidates

Becca Raffel, Author

Elections for sophomore class president and vice president began on Wednesday and will end on Friday, March 29. Reid Walters is running unopposed for senior class president. Owen Dulik is running unopposed for the vice president position. You can learn more about the election process here, including the new online voting system. The Paly Voice spoke with the candidates to gain a better sense of what they are all about.


Reid LS

Paly Voice: Why are you running for president?

Reid Walters: I’m running because I would like to lead our grade into a spirited sophomore year. Spirit Week is of course something that I would like to put a lot of time and attention into. I think that this upcoming year we can do even better than we did this year!

PV: What experience do you have?

RW: In middle school I was involved in student government, and that experience taught me a lot about how to lead people in a positive way. This year I helped out a lot with Spirit Week, so I think that going into it as a Sophomore I will know what we need to do in order to stick with the competition.

PV: What is your finishing statement? What would you like your voters to know?

RW: I just want my voters to know that I can’t wait to hear everyone’s input on what we can do to make sophomore year a great year for all of us!


Owen LS

Paly Voice:Why are you running for vice president?

Owen Dulik: I want to make the high school experience better for everyone.

PV: What experience do you have?

OW: I have worked on student government in elementary school, middle school and this year.

PV: What is your finishing statement? What would you like your voters to know?

OW: I will work my hardest so that we have the most fun overall and also do really well in Spirit Week.