Palo Alto Arts Commission approves senior mural

Cathy Rong, Author

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The planning of the senior class mural is off to a great start after the approval of the project from the Palo Alto Public Arts Commission. The committee formally approved the proposed mural to be painted on the Embarcadero Road underpass by Palo Alto High School’s class of 2013 last Thursday after a presentatoin from project leaders, seniors Claire Marchon and Elise Sabbag. 

The proposed painting will feature an image of a green and white Viking on one side of the tunnel and a viking ship with “2013” on the other, according to Marchon. 

“We wanted to paint it in the underpass on Embarcadero as a gift to Paly,  so that students can walk past it every day on the way to school,” project organizer Claire Marchon said.

The senior class’s “discretionary account,” which has accumulated money through various fundraisers throughout the past four years, will fund this project.

“The council asked us about the cost of the project, the color, style and medium of the painting and how we would prevent vandalism,” Marchon said. “At the end, the committee offered full support.”

With the approval of the project, the duo’s next step is to present a final design of the mural, which will once again need approval from the Public Arts Commission.