AP sign-ups change to new website

Callie Walker and Kate Marinkovich

Palo Alto High School students will be using a new, more organized service to sign up for Advanced Placement testing this year, according to Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson.

The change will also make scrolling through AP testing schedules much simpler.

“Before this, kids would sign up and all of the data would be set up on an Excel spreadsheet,” Berkson said. “We would have to find out information [about conflicts and cancellations among others] manually.”

Now, through Total Registration, AP test sign-ups should be more straightforward for students and the administration should be able to more easily monitor the AP test enrollment data. This new site allows the administration to find conflicts, lists of students taking which tests and other basic information with the click of a button.

As an added bonus, this new website is cheaper than the previous program.

“This website only takes 3 percent of the registration fee for credit card surcharges,” Berkson said.”What they’re charging us is less than what it cost us when we did it ourselves.”

Students who have not signed up for their AP exams can sign up and find out more information here.

Registration for Paly students ends on March 4th; for non-Paly students, registration begins March 4 and ends March 22. This time period also allows for late Paly registrations, however there is a $30 increase in price.