Valgram sales take place this week

Paige Esterly, Author

ASB set up the Valgrams table on the Quad at the beginning of lunch today. Valgrams can be purchased up until Wednesday, Feb. 13, when they will be delivered.
ASB set up the Valgrams table on the Quad at the beginning of lunch today. Valgrams can be purchased all this week. [Photo by Paige Esterley]
Valgrams are available for purchase throughout this week on the Quad of Palo Alto High School.

This year, Associated Student Body is taking over a fundraiser previously known as “caregrams,” put on by Youth Community Service, but is updating it with a new liquid twist.

“Last year we did not have Valgrams, instead YCS did something called caregrams which are a similar idea,” Emma Ketchum, senior spirit commissioner  Emma Ketchum said. “This year I was approached by the manager of the new candy store downtown, Rocket Fizz, and he offered to sell us the sodas so that the school could do a fundraiser. The money will go to each grade so that they help can fund activities, and the major thing we are raising money for is prom.”

This year’s Valgrams will consist of an anonymous note, accompanied by a strawberry or orange Crush soda with the giver’s name taped somewhere on it.

Students can purchase Valgrams for $3 at the table on the Quad. There, they will be given a slip of paper to write an anonymous message to be delivered to their valentines. Students will receive their messages on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

“The whole idea is that you can send one as a ‘secret crush,’ where the person will receive a note with a personal message on it,” Ketchum said.

Valgrams can be picked up on Valentine’s Day at a table on the Quad, or at ASB’s movie nigh on Feb. 14. For more information on the event, please click here.

Ketchum hopes that this year’s Valgrams will be a fun way for students to celebrate the holiday.

“ASB is selling them this year because it’s a fun way to spread the valentines day love by sending one to a friend, significant other, or whoever,” she said. ” They [Valgrams] are a fun way to spread the Valentine’s Day love, and they’re also a creative way to reach out to that special someone.”

For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page.