Blood drive coordinators aim to draw a crowd

Noa Braun and Paige Esterly

A poster advertising the blood drive hangs on the window of a classroom. The drive is to take place Feb. 12 on Paly campus.

The Red Cross will host a blood drive on Tuesday, Feb. 12 on Palo Alto High School campus, giving students an opportunity to donate blood.

Event coordinators, juniors Hillel Zand and Andrea Clerici-Hermandinger, originally intended to donate blood on their own, but quickly found that many other Paly students shared this sentiment.

“We decided to hold a blood drive at Paly because at first we wanted to give blood individually, but other people liked the idea and wanted to donate blood too,” Zand said.

Zand and Clerici-Hermandinger hope that the event will be repeated in the years to come.

“Right now, we’re not a club but we hope to either create a Red Cross Club or at least find people that will carry on the tradition,” Zand said. “The old principal [Jacqueline McEvoy] stopped having the blood drive a few years ago because of organizational issues.”

This time, however, the blood drive is slated to go on without a hitch, according to Principal Phil Winston.

“It’s a very organized and very controlled environment,” he said.

Students can be assured that the process of giving blood will be safe and hygienic, thanks to the Red Cross organization’s knowledge and experience.

“The Red Cross is in charge of the blood donation process and they have trained nurses and cover the room in plastic to pre sanatize it,” Zand said. “In addition, before each student gives blood, they [the Red Cross volunteers] conduct a personal health history exam to make sure each person is healthy enough to give blood.”

Both Zand and Clerici-Hermandinger urge students to take part in the blood drive.

“We would encourage students to give blood because it’s a selfless act that helps others in need,” Zand said.

Winston shares the sentiment.

“I hope that it becomes established at Paly,” he said. “I think it’s a really noble cause and I would encourage students to do it.”

Students looking to sign up to donate can go out to a table either on the Quad or in front of the library starting on Feb. 4, according to Zand. There, they can sign up for appointments and get any necessary information on donor requirements.

Students will not be excused from class to participate, so the 45 minute appointment can only be made for prep periods, lunch or Tutorial.