ASB invites students to provide input today

Fariha Beig, Author

The Associated Student Body of Palo Alto High School is inviting students to a town hall-style open forum during third period today, Jan. 16, in the Student Activities Office to provide their input and feedback, according to Student Activities Director Matt Hall.

ASB will open its doors to students as a part of its initiative to increase student participation in ASB affairs.

One way is attending the forum in January by  sending an email to Hall, who will arrange a 10 to 15 minute time slot with the student’s third period teachers, if students have classes during that time. Students with third period preps will still need to arrange a time with Hall by emailing him at [email protected]

“What we are hoping is to eliminate the potential … abuse of the system,” Hall said. ” If you really have an idea, comment or discussion you want to take up with us,  let me know and I’ll talk to your third period teacher,” Hall said.

Students can also drop anonymous notes into the ASB box outside of the SAO to provide input. ASB will respond to the drop box notes in various ways including the ASB website and Facebook page.

Another way students can provide their input is online, via the ASB formspring page.