Boys' soccer takes on Mountain View in first home game

The boys’ varsity soccer team will face off against Mountain View in its first home game of the season at 3:30 p.m. today on the soccer field.

Check back on this page for a liveblog of the event.


3:37 The whistle blows signaling the start of the game.

3:44 The Paly goalkeeper makes a save after a shot from a mountain view player.

3:46 Mountain view scores the first point off of a corner kick.

3:51  Paly senior Chris Meredith’s shot on goal is blocked by Mountain View’s goalkeeper.

3:59 Paly’s number 10 is injured and is awarded a free kick.

4:07 A Mountain View shot hits the goal post but bounces off without scoring.

4:08 The Mountain View goalkeeper stops a header from entering the goal.

4:17 Paly is awarded a corner kick, but does not score.

4:18 Halftime is called by the referees.

4:27 The kick-off begins the second half.

4:29 The ball is kicked over the fence near El Camino by a Mountain View player, delaying the game momentarily.

4:35 Mountain View receives a free kick, but the ball rolls out of bounds.

4:45 Paly fouls Mountain View, granting them a free kick.

4:47 Mountain View’s player number 25 scores the team’s second goal, making the score 2-0 in favor of Mountain View.

4:53 Junior goalkeeper Tony Maharaj deflects a shot, giving Mountain View a corner kick.

5:01 Paly is called offsides.

5:03 Paly substitutes in number 17, junior Jose Torres, for number 18, sophomore Wess Woo.

5:05 Senior forward Perry Kolias makes a run down the field, bringing Paly on the offensive.

5:09 The game is called by the referees.