Books Inc. helps library host fundraiser

Amanda Carlsson, Author

Posters were put up around campus encouraging students to participate in the fundraiser. Photo by: Amanda Carlsson.

The Palo Alto High School library is joining forces with Books Inc. to host a fundraiser from 5 to 8 p.m.  Thursday, Nov. 29, at Town and Country’s Books Inc.

Twenty percent of all the sales go to the Paly Library to support students’ reading and researching needs.

“This is the fourth year of the shopping night,” Paly librarian Rachel Kellerman said. “Books Inc. offers this opportunity to other schools and organizations as well.”

She was very happy with the store’s involvement  and sees Books Inc. as “a great community member.”

The library expects to make between $700 and $1000 on Thursday, as this has been their average profit for the last four years. The library will take the money in Books Inc. gift cards and use it to buy books that students want to read. The money will also be used to buy books to support Paly’s book club according to Kellerman.

“We usually get students, parents and just people who are shopping and eating at Town and Country,” Kellerman said.

If people do not have time to come out to the event, there is still another way to help contribute.

“This year we are experimenting with having people order books using a secure online form because any book that is ordered that night and paid for is also part of the profit we make.” Kellerman said.

Books Inc. is an independently owned book store located at Town and Country.

Check out the form here to order books online.