Teachers union holds demonstration for Prop 30 and against 32

Cathy Rong and Paige Esterly


The California Teachers Association organized and executed a demonstration yestderday, taking place at select Caltrain stations between San Francisco and San Jose, hoping to draw attention to Propositions 30 and 32 before voting next week.

The teachers chose to stand together in support of Prop 30, which, if passed, would prevent school budget cuts for this coming year, and to show their dissaproval of Prop 32, which would prevent dues from being taken from teacher paychecks to help fund their union.

“Prop 30 gives funding to schools, and no on 32 helps keep our voices alive in Sacramento,” Rachael Kaci, special education teacher at Palo Alto High School, said.

The train this demonstration was centered  around arrived at the Palo Alto Station at 4:25 p.m. on its way southbound to San Jose, carrying teachers journeying between the two cities. They were met by a rally of San Jose teachers at the end of their trip, according to a memo sent out to all union members.

The demonstration aimed to raise awareness of the importance of these two propositions, in addition to giving teachers the chance to connect with one another and stand together in solidarity.

“The train gives us an opportunity to discuss these issues with people,” Kaci said. “We get the word out there to people who we wouldn’t otherwise reach.”

Teri Baldwin, a teacher at Addison Elementary School and president of the Palo Alto Educators Association, agrees with Kaci.

“There will be teachers on the train and they’re coming all the way from San Fransisco to San Jose,” Baldwin said. “They want teachers at each station, too, just to reach as many people as we can, and show our support.”