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Spirit Week recap: competition ends in senior victory

The senior class of Palo Alto High School  is once again the victor of Spirt Week.  The seniors won with 7,215 points, followed by the juniors with 6,390, the sophomores with 4,775 and the freshmen with 4,175.

Each grade experienced its own highlights throughout the course of the week.

The freshman class upset the sophomores for the first portion of the week, in activities such as the musical chairs on Day 1 and the sumo suit competition on Day 2. It pulled out an astonishing victory in the girls’ sumo wrestling competition, beating the senior class and then advancing to beat the juniors.

The sophomore class, despite falling behind for the first few days, performed well in the Slam Dunk Contest during the Advisory rally, where sophomore Sean Stem finished second to senior Aubrey Dawkins.

The junior class took an early lead on the first day, but fell behind as the seniors took the lead on Day 2 and never let go. The junior class’ highlights were winning Wednesday’s relay race and the tug-of-war competition on Day 4.

The victorious senior class stepped up on Friday, winning the tarp race at lunch, and then the float and spirit dance after school to conclude the week. The results were announced at Saturday’s homecoming dance.

Spirit Week 2012 has once again energized the Paly campus and was topped off with a large attendance of over 530 students, according to the ASB Facebook page, at the Big Electronic Dance (B.E.D.) homecoming dance Saturday night.

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