Day 5: Competition ends with floats and class dances

Edward Mei and Cathy Rong

Classes await the final scoring updates after the Friday after-school rally that concluded Spirit Week 2012.

The finished floats of each class were brought out, each adorned with decorations and props that matched the classes’ respective themes.

Then, amidst the cheers and taunts, the Spirit Week dance teams came out and performed their routines, one class at a time.

As with the rest of the week, the upperclassmen led the rally with the biggest, riskiest moves and the most use of props in their routines, which also brought upon the loudest responses from the crowd.

At the end of Day 4, the standings stood with the seniors in the lead at 4525 points, followed by juniors at 3795 points, sophomores with 2620 points and freshmen at 2315 points. Points from Jar Wars and today’s rallies will round out the scoring for the week.

In addition to the students who came to the rally, guests were invited to judge the dances, including East Palo Alto Mayor Laura Martinez, members of the Gunn Student Executive Council and Paly faculty.