Day 4: Advisory rally recap

Amanda Carlsson and Cathy Rong

Classes continue to fight it out through cheers and basketball contests at the rally in the big gym during Advisory.

With the last day of Spirit Week approaching, the scores remain consistently close as the week-long competition continues.

Seniors maintain their lead, bringing home first in both the Slam Dunk and the girls’ shootout and second in the boys’ shootout.

The juniors, however, appear to be falling behind, tying with the freshman for third in the Slam Dunk Contest, taking third in the boys’ shootout and second in the girls’ shootout. The sophomores have finally picked up their pace and took first in the boys’ shootout, second in the slam dunk and third in the girls’ shootout.

The freshman bring up the rear, tying with the juniors for third in the Slam Dunk Contest and placing last in both the girls’ and boys’ shootout.

The finishing places for the three competitions can be noted below:

Slam Dunk Contest: Seniors, Sophomores, Juniors and Freshman (tie)

Girls’ Shootout: Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshman

Boys’ Shootout: Sophomores, Seniors, Juniors Freshman

Official scores for Thursday have seniors leading with 4525 points, followed by juniors with 3795 points, sophomores with 2620 points and freshmen 2315 points.