Salad dressings to shake up Spirit Week tomorrow

Callie Walker, Author

Seniors dressed in togas cheer on their best dressed classmates on the second day of spirit week at lunch on the football field. The seniors will dress in green on Wednesday. Photo by Jared Schwartz.

Palo Alto High School students are looking forward to another intense day of Spirit Week tomorrow.

The grades will dress up as different salad dressings:

  • Freshmen will be Healthy Choice, dressing in athletic clothes.
  • Sophomores will be Ranch, wearing cowboy apparel.
  • Juniors will be Thousand Island, dressing in tropical attire.
  • Seniors will be Caesar, sporting togas.

There will be a rally at lunch tomorrow with a sumo wrestling competition. The location is to be determined depending on the weather. If sunny, the rally will be held on the quad. But if it rains like today, the rally will be in the gym.

Juniors are in the lead with 700 points, followed by the seniors with 675, freshmen with 390 and sophomores with 175.

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