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Day 1: Upperclassmen dominate first day of Spirit Week

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Update: After later consideration in terms of cheers, bleacher cleanliness and sportsmanship, ASB has announced that juniors are now leading at 700 points, seniors at 675, freshman at 390 and sophomores at 175 according to ASB’s Facebook page.

For a breakdown of all grades point totals for day one, click here.

Spirit Week started off with a bang at lunch Monday with a rally in the big gym.

The rally was moved indoors due to worries about rain, according to an announcement by the Associated Student Body during 4th period.
The upper classes asserted their dominance, with juniors taking home first place in musical chairs and seniors Bria Vicenti and Aldis Petriceks won best dressed.

In musical chairs, both sophomores and freshmen were all eliminated before any juniors or seniors were.  Juniors Andrew Frick and Callie Walker narrowly beat out seniors Sean Harvey and Sierra Parker in the next two rounds to take home the victory.

Juniors have the lead with 550 points, followed by the seniors with 500. The freshmen have 300 points after placing third in both events and the sophomores trail with 150.

These points do not include potential additions and subtractions for cheers, bleacher cleanliness and sportsmanship, which will be provided by ASB later on today.

Tomorrow is Salad Dressing Day and lunch time activities will be sumo suits and best dressed.

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  • M

    Matthew Christian HallOct 23, 2012 at 4:14 am

    The point totals you list are erroneous. For accurate totals, please see:

    • P

      palyvoiceOct 23, 2012 at 5:12 am

      Thanks for your comment. Our point totals included only the points from the musical chairs and best dressed competitions. We were awaiting final points for cheers, cleanliness and sportsmanship, as stated in the article. Sorry for any confusion.

      • M

        Matthew Christian HallOct 23, 2012 at 5:24 am

        Much obliged. I only posted because some people might read your article and think that the Seniors were behind by 50 points, when in actuality, they only trail by 25 points. No worries. ASB respect to Paly Voice for your coverage. .